Insurance Conduct/Bad Faith

A ´bad faith´ case against an insurance company can be brought if your insurance company does not fulfill the obligations in your contract or does not perform some other duty that is required since your insurance was purchased. Bad faith cases only occur between you and your insurance company, so if you are having a dispute with another person´s insurance company about giving you compensation this is not a bad faith case, since you have no insurance contract with that company. In the state of Wisconsin, an insurance company has committed bad faith if it intentionally denies, doesn´t process, or neglects to pay a claim without a rational reason to do so. Bad faith cases include all types of insurance such as automobile, home, or dental. Other possible examples can include the failure to make defense available to you if you are sued or the neglect to follow the contract you have with them over the size of the compensation that was determined under the coverage of your contract. It is very important to contact your attorney as soon as possible when dealing with a bad faith case because of the legal expertise that the insurance companies possess.

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